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Why is Mushroom Tea Good For You?

One reason mushroom tea is considered healthy is because mushrooms are a source of prebiotics, which help support a healthy gut environment.  “Mushrooms also contain beta-glucans, which are a type of soluble fiber that may provide benefits like lowering cholesterol and strengthening the immune system.

How To Make Mushroom Tea

Mushroom tea is easy to make, but what are the benefits of drinking psilocybin extract rather than eating shrooms whole?

taring into the inky indigo depths of a psilocybin tea is exhilarating. Breathing in the earthy steam as I let my shroom tea steep, I mentally prepare myself for what lies ahead. Drinking magic mushrooms as tea has become my go-to method of consumption and one I recommend in my book, Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion. The reasoning is two-fold: The tea is definitely more pleasant to consume than chewing dried mushrooms and it’s much easier on my stomach. And, the time it takes to prepare the psychedelic brew has evolved into a precious ritual that focuses my busy mind and gets me in the mushroom mood. Reishi mushroom tea

Why Magic Mushroom Tea? Making Shroom Tea vs Eating 

Is there really a difference between making tea and eating shrooms? For the more than 50 people who filled out a survey I created on magic mushroom tea, there was an important distinction: Shroom tea is much easier on the stomach than chewing and swallowing raw magic mushrooms. And I can attest personally as someone who gets nauseated easily, mushroom tea really does reduce nausea and the possibility of vomiting, at least for a large majority of people.

That’s because making shrooms into tea is in essence cooking your raw mushrooms and making them into a homemade psilocybin extract. Part of the reason mushrooms make us nauseous is all the hard-to-digest, raw mushroom material we’re consuming, such as chitin which makes up fungi’s cell walls. But by letting them sit in hot water for 10 to 15 minutes, the chitin and other components of the mushroom begin to break down while the psilocybin is extracted into the water, making a tea that’s both psychedelic and easier on the stomach. magic mushroom tea

But similar to lemon tea, mushroom tea can make the trip come on faster, causing it to be a bit more intense, and have a slightly shorter overall duration. However, lemon trekking goes an extra mile by potentiating the magic mushroom experience with the addition of citric acid, while shroom tea won’t intensify the trip as much.

For both shroom tea and lemon tea, if you’re grinding down your mushrooms into a powder first, part of the reason it absorbs faster and feels stronger has to do with surface area. “Basically the way your gastrointestinal system and intestines that absorb drugs are set up is to maximize surface area,” says board-certified psychiatric pharmacist Benjamin Malcolm, a.k.a. the Spirit Pharmacist. “So if you have ground it down into a fine powder or put it into some type of aqueous solution like hot water, then it’s probably more evenly dispersed and able to be absorbed more rapidly.”

On the other hand, when you chew and swallow dried mushrooms, you’re simply not creating as much surface area as powdered mushrooms, and so it takes your stomach longer to absorb and digest all the psychoactive content. While many people who filled out the survey found the increased strength and shorter come-up to be a benefit of making mushroom tea, some folks found it a bit intense and learned they needed a smaller dose with the tea than consuming raw mushrooms old fashioned way.

Benefits Of Mushroom Tea

Another downside to chewing and swallowing dried mushrooms is the taste. To many, it’s not the most pleasant experience in the world and it can be hard to get down without gagging. But to sidestep this, many folks make their shrooms into tea and add other tea bags to mask the earthy mushroom taste.

While I recommend adding ginger and honey for taste and digestion in Your Psilocybin Mushroom Companion, many of my survey participants are taking mushroom tea fusions to new flavorful levels by adding things like hibiscus and licorice root. Popular household favorites also include green or chamomile tea bags, and many folks reported adding lemon, lemon peel, a splash of orange juice, or another citrus for both the taste and the extra kick. A 65-year-old who filled out the survey and has taken mushroom tea “hundreds of times” reported they mix mushrooms with “Berry Red Zinger” tea bags and “never had anyone dislike the taste.”

Aside from making shrooms easier to digest, many of my survey participants reported they also enjoy the ritual of making their mushrooms into tea. The process of breaking up their shrooms and brewing them has become its own ceremony to many, one that helps them prepare their mindset and set intentions for the upcoming journey.

Packed with antioxidants, Chaga mushroom is available in tea or supplement form. Its extract may fight cancer and improve immunity, chronic inflammation, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Still, human studies are needed to confirm these benefits and to determine their safety, side effects, and optimal d

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